Financial Institutions

PayLink enhances ATM profitability and drastically decreases costs for Financial Institutions by providing a comprehensive suite of services that promote your brand and give your cardholders surcharge-free access to their cash.

99% UpTime Guarantee

Paylink is proud of our service record – a key factor in our customer retention.  Paylink will pay up to $1,000 per ATM if we do not meet our annual goal of 99% uptime. There are a many issues that can go wrong with an ATM machine that can make it go down for minutes, hours—or days. It’s the response time and well-trained service personnel that keep us in the front.  We don’t know of any other company delivering a 1-hour response time.

Why PayLink
  • Customized Programs: We work with both the retailer and financial institution to determine best way to combine your existing marketing goals into one organized and complete ATM solution. If you’re the head of HR with 2,000 employees and want Free ATM transaction for all of them, we can do that.  If you want a ATM on every Airplane in your fleet, we can design a solution to match your goal.
  • Strategic Partnerships: We focus a lot of time in this area. As an example – we have an existing customer that happens to be a large bank. The customer called to let us know they had just acquired a smaller bank and needed a plan to strategically untilize capital to increase ATM presence in a particular state.  We discussed their ideal customers – and other areas of importance – then created a plan including the branding of 1 large Mall, a major airport, a prestigious university, and a 50 C-store chain with locations throughout the state. Having the resources, contacts and reputation opens doors that would otherwise be closed. We have relationships with Airports, Universites, Malls, Chain Stores, Drive UP ATMs, C-Stores, Luxury Hotels across the country.
  • Financial Institutions: Our first priority at every ATM is to protect the bank’s valuable brand. Our second priority is to ensure that each Financial Institution has the very best customer service experience. PayLink enhances ATM portfolio accessibility and profitability while decreasing the costs for Financial Institutions. Our comprehensive suite of services helps your customers and promotes your company in a way that makes you proud. We are proud of our service record – another key factor in our customer retention success. We will pay up to $1,000 per location if we do not meet our annual goal of 99% uptime.  There are a many issues that can go wrong with an ATM machine. Our response time and well trained service personnel ensure your ATMs are working properly and stay that way. We are the only company delivering an average  1-hour response time.
  • Consistency: PayLink delivers consistency through, innovation, quantification and orchestration. Our processes are documented and benchmarked, allowing errors to be caught before they reach our customer.
  • Expert Problem Solvers: Our team gets excited about new challenges.  Give us something difficult and we’ll solve it – no matter what.